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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stripping Wallpaper

Stripping wallpaper the last few days.
 Usually a homeowner will call me
 after some unsucessful attempts
 to do the job themselves!
 My secret is lots of warm water, 
patience and towels on the floor
 to soak up the mess.
Spray bottle of hot water, scorer, and scraper

Out of date or faded  wallpaper?
Or just need a change?
Place old towels on the floor below
 where you are working.
 Get the warm water, a "wallpaper scorer"
and a scraper.
Work from the top down.
 I usually do a prominent area,
because the owner will peak in
and want to see some progress.
first, I score it, with the wallpaper removal tool.
 It makes tiny holes so the water can
penetrate and soften the adhesive

I score it in circular patterns
 I peel away any of the vinyl top layer,
 if I can.

Next, I saturate the wall
  . if you don't have a compressor,
you may use any spray bottle
 filled with hot or warm water.
I do a large area and let the water
 workahead of me to begin
loosening the paper
Then I scrape the paper. 
If I let it soak long enough,
it peels off in big sheets.
  Some areas are stubborn
and need more water
and additional scraping. 

Scrape away!
 I make a big pile of wet strips
 then bag it up at the end.

 I clean the wall with TSP
or vinegar water solution ,
to remove residue and stubborn
adhesive or wallpaper bits.
 let dry thoroughly,
then prime and paint.
. I can usually paint the next day,
in a heated home,
 with good ventilation.
 It's a tedious job, but not hard to do.  

I like doing this job, but I am weird.
 It's good therapy for me!

Call me for the yucky jobs you don't want to do,
 or don't have time to do!

Love , Linda