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Friday, February 1, 2013

Staining and Painting, and other fun stuff!

Last year I did lots of fun stuff!   
There's lots to do indoors during  the winter months, when we can't paint outside.
  So, It's a great time to call and arrange your project!

Staining a bannister for a client making a gorgeous new basement playroom and family room.

Tedious!  Staining with a small brush,  but careful not to get it on the white painted spindles!

I also help with party prep and clean-up!
I get to do fun stuff, like holiday decorating for some of my older clients, who are no longer able to carry things down from the attic, or up from the basement.  Then , of course they need help taking them down and packing them away for next year!

Besides painting the walls, I  rehung  the drapes for another client.

Then, sometimes, I get really special assignments,
 like painting this new sign for a shrine in Buena, N.J.

 It was inspiring, working on the sign then looking up to see God's  magnificent handiwork!
I am so enthralled by sunrises and sunsets!  This was a summer evening, outside of my home. 

Paint is a great way to freshen a room, or change to  a whole new  look, 
So call me,  for painting walls, trims and doors, or a specialty paint job,
 like a  mural  in your child's nursery or playroom. 

Ready to roll!  
Love, Linda