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Friday, March 13, 2015

Back to work!

Hi Everyone!
      I have completed my chemo, and had surgery.  Two big hurdles and  6 months later, I am in physical therapy and awaiting radiation treatments.  I  have done well, feel great, because I've gotten such good care from my wonderful doctors, and family, and The Great Physician, who has given me strength and healing!  Lots more gory details on Grandmalay's Daydreams, my other blog, if you're interested.
 This is the back of my NO MO CHEMO
shirt my daughter Amy made for me.  
      I am back to work, just not anything too strenuous right now. Today I cleaned a chandelier, and cleaned some mold off of furniture at a condo I've been working on.  Yesterday, I  installed a toilet paper holder.  
 I stood up on the dining table.  I made sure the power was turned off, removed the globes to hand-wash in sink, and sprayed lightly with Invisible Glass cleaner. I worked on a small section at a time.

 I wiped very carefully with a linen  tea towel

 Then I replaced the globes  
Amazingly only one crystal fell off,
 which I was able to reattach!
I suggest putting a thick towel
on the table, under where you're
 working, for drips (and drops.)

Everything looks very clean and sparkly! 
Installing a toilet paper holder. 

 Measure carefully to make sure
it is level and the ends are
spaced apart correctly.
 If you predrill your holes,
 screwing the holder on
 is so much easier.
Ew! Gotta get this mold off of a nice
Bassett dining room set.
 This dining room furniture was covered in mold.  Especially underneath, but it wiped off easily. 
The home had been sitting vacant with no heat or air conditioning for about 3 years. Mold will grow,
even on dry wood, if there is no  climate control.Use a mask and gloves, and a window open if possible. Make sure to use a mildew-cide, rub gently with a soft cloth, and dry immediately. 
 Then clean with mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Follow with furniture polish.
When I am well and strong, this summer, I will be ready to do some painting projects! 
 Meanwhile, during my recovery, mostly I am working on my online vintage shop, adding cool stuff every day! 
 Please check it out!
God bless you!  Linda