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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Painting, Decorating with Chemo?

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it is advanced,
so I will begin chemotherapy next week.
Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women
I am strong and healthy otherwise, and have faith
 that God will guide me through this fight.

 I expect to work and do smaller jobs as I am able.
  I want to keep my life as normal as possible.
I am sharing this journey battling breast cancer on my personal  blog.
 Please pray for me to have the strength and grace I need.

I can count on Abby at Little Birdie Blessings for lots of
encouragement, spiritual guidance and vintage images 

    There may be an upcoming  mural project, which I am very excited about!
 It will be a perfect job that I'll be delighted to work on in the coming months.

Nursery School Mural, St, Isidore's, Vineland, N.J.
This mural was painted at St. Isidore's Preschool in Vineland, N.J.
 Now they are considering another one!  I'm so excited!

  Here's a  sampling  of a large mural I painted a while ago,
 "Scenes of Italy".


A sign we painted for a Catholic church.
  Can you believe someone stole the original sign?
Ted does amazing lettering, and I do the illustrations.

Pretty soon, I'll be putting up Christmas decorations
for some of my senior clients.
It is probably my favorite job,
 as it brings so much joy to them!

 I am still planning small one-room painting jobs,
working around my chemo treatments.

or I could paint your front door.
 It's such  an inexpensive way to improve your curb appeal

I will work as much as I am able, as it will be good for me
to be productive and do what I love.

Hoping and Praying!
Love, Linda

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Busy Granny

I've been really busy as a granny-nanny,
 but still make time for my clients projects.
 Lots of painting and cleaning this spring
 and summer!

For a little bit of fun, I got a little creative
at one of my apartment turnover projects .
The shutter  was missing,
 so I painted a faux stained-glass window
 for a dreary stairway.
 Privacy, but still lets in some light!

Fresh paint on a Cape May cafe's walls
 brightens up the place.

Magicbrain Cafe in Cape May, N.J gets a new look
We painted after the remodel,
 just in time for the 2014 summer season
repaired some damaged walls

pulled up carpet on a staircase,
for my sister.

 removed carpet strip and oodles of staples

   Set up classroom
 and assisted in teaching a seminar
 about  Illegal Gaming.
 Sadly, I will not be working
for Casino Horizons again,
 because my dear friend
 and employer died suddenly in May.
  I am proud to have had the privilege
 and opportunity to work with him
 many times, in this special  training
 for police officers who fight this crime.

 On a  much happier note,
 I took care of my precious grandboy,
while Momma was at the hospital
 delivering baby sister.
The most important thing
I did, undoubtedly!
  I know it was the most fun!

Decorated the house

 Oh my, she's an absolute  little darling.

 Earlier this spring , before the baby,
we exhibited at the Oaks, PA.
Northeast Nationals Car Show.
Ted and I sell auto literature,
 including back-issue magazines.

 Exhibited at Allentown Paper Show,
We took our  auto literature,
and some of my vintage ephemera.

And we worked at two apartments
 to get them ready for the next tenants.
scrubbing the  kitchen backsplash

I painted the kitchen cupboards inside and out,
and walls and ceilings throughout.

Now we are doing a garage clean-out
 and shed demolition.

Whatta mess!
 Now empty.

I am currently pet-sitting for Tommy!
  Yes, I also house-sit, and pet-sit.
He  got this creature for his 4th birthday. 

And I have been quite busy 
as a Mommy's helper
 on many recent shopping trips.

So, you can see I am pretty versatile.
 I have housekeeping, painting
  and gardening skills.
 I can babysit babies, children and elderly.
 I  give moving assistance,
 and set up for parties and special events.

 And I have a little shop on Etsy,
where I love selling vintage,
  so please stop by and take a look!

 No, I am never bored or lonely.
 Just very grateful that God gives me
 the strength and ability to do these things.
  And remember,
 they say "if you want something done, ask a busy person!"

I hope you're having as much fun
this summer as I am!

 Love, Linda